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DDR is dedicated to meeting the needs of children with developmental delays in sensory, motor, language, social, and emotional areas. DDR is the ONE resource network integrating conventional and holistic approaches for parents and professionals who support children with special needs.

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DDR and Epidemic Answers Combine Forces

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Maria Rickert Hong, counselor interviews Patty Lemer on Therapies That Work.  Click here to LISTEN


Teachers Guide for Students on the Autism Spectrum

5 Tips form DDR Exec. Director, Patricia S. Lemer, M. Ed.

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CDC Releases New Stats:  Autism up 23% in 2 years!! Now 1/88 kids, 1/54 boys!

The numbers are in for 2008.  Yes, that was 4 years ago, but that's the best the CDC can do. It's even worse in NJ and Utah, where the number of boys is almost 20%.  Advocacy groups are holding press conferences, writing press releases, demanding resignations. Read the            full report . 

At a press conference held in NYC on April 2nd advocates demanded that:

Listen to the press conference.

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Muslims, Methodists and Me

I have had a fairly broad religious education. I grew up in the 1950s in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, and played primarily with Jewish friends as a young child... However extensive my experiences, I was not prepared for the profound religious connections I had in 2013.

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Total Load Theory: How Stressors Accumulate Resulting in Illness

Watch presentation for    Hawthorn University

November 10, 2010

Part 1  

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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OUTSMARTING Developmental Delays!

Cuttng edge workshop to learn the essentials about being healthy for pre-conception, pregnancy, and in the first year of life.

Nov 16 -17, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA


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