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Below is a list of books we recommend as providing useful information for those interested in developmental issues. The list includes the title, author, and includes a brief explanation about each publication. Follow the link given to order a book directly from its publisher or from Amazon. Books published by OEP should be ordered through DDR.

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Books are organized into the following categories:


LEMER EnVISIONing a Bright Future: Interventions that Work for Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum. The ONLY book you really need to understand how Total Load factors add up to make kids sick and result in the diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, PDD or Autism.


DORFMAN What's Eating Your Child? The hidden connection between food and your child's well-being. A wonderful book by DDR co-founder and "nutrition detective" Kelly Dorfman.  The latest on picky eating and the relationship between food, ear infections, tummy aches, learning and behavior. 

McCARTHY and KARTZINEL Preventing and Healing Autism The ultimate "Autism Mom" and her pediatrician team up to help parents understand how a biomedical approach can help their children recover from and avoid autism.

RANZI Creating Healthy Children.  A unique approach to children's health that combines a raw food diet with attachment parenting. 

ZAND and WALTON Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child A practical A-Z guide to natural and conventional treatments for infants and children. referenced by symptoms and disease.

Sensory Integration, Cognitive, Language and Motor Development

AGIN The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet
Written by a physician who used to be a speech-language pathologist. Includes nutritional and other approaches.

BERARD and BROCKETT Hearing Equals Behavior -Updated and Expanded.  The new version of this classic explaining auditory integration therapy for those with developmental and other differences. 

BIEL and PESKE Raising a Sensory Smart Child The ultimate handbook for anyone who wants to understand sensory integration issues.

BLUESTONE The Fabric of Autism: Weaving Threads Into a Cogent Theory A sensory approach to autism, which includes chapters on anxiety, sleep, nutrition and more. A unique appendix of exercises for Sensory Integration.

CHEATUM and HAMMOND Physical Activities for Improving Children's Learning and Behavior A great resource for parents and teachers. Authors combine extensive experience in adaptive physical education with sensory motor development.

HENRY Tools for Tots: Sensory Strategies for Toddlers and Preschoolers Beautifully illustrated guide for therapists and parents. Includes chapters on teeth brushing, nail clipping, hair cutting, potty training and dressing.

HENRY and SAVA Sensory Tools for Pets: Animals and People Helping Each Other Stories and photos highlight techniques that use pets to help children and adults with sensory processing disorders.

JEREB:  No Worries (CD and Booklet) Delightful CD brings rhythmic melody to promote sensory integration at home and in the classroom and clinic. Booklet provides insight and lyrics.

             Say G'Day (CD) Calming, fun and rhythmic songs for children to strengthen sensory-motor skills and improve attention, body awareness and learning.

JOHNSON:  The Roadmap from Learning Disabilities to Success.  A step-by-step guide for professionals and parents on treating underlying causes of learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscaulia, and dysgraphia.

KRANOWITZ and NEWMAN Growing an In-Sync Child: Simple Fun Activities to Help Every Child Develop, Learn and Grow. A great team has given you a great new book!

O'HARA Movement and Learning CDs and Booklets  Beanbag Ditties, the Wombat and His Mate, and Children's Songbook. These are a series of safe and simple movements to enhance brain development, integrate primitive reflexes and to help children age 3-8 learn efficiently. Activities are synthesized from Brain Gym, NLP and vision therapy.

WILLIAMS and SHELLENBERGER The Alert Program tapes, booklets, and CDs  "How Does Your Engine Run©?" provideS the underlying theory and key concepts of the authors' self-regulation program for use in the home, school and therapy settings. These materials are full of practical ideas and songs to support children's self-regulation.


GESELL Vision: Its Development in Infant and Child  Originally published over 50 years ago, this classic is a must read for anyone interested in child development. Beautifully illustrated and documented.

GETMAN How to Develop Your Child's Intelligence  Explains the critical relationship between vision and intelligence. Essential for anyone considering vision therapy.

GETZ and McGRAW Seeing is Achieving  How children's problems in school, sports and social activities can be corrected by developing good communication between the eyes and the brain.

HELLERSTEIN See It, Say It, Do It The ultimate book on visualization. The acronym VDAT stands for Visualize, Declare, Take Action, and Transform. Each section includes Activities to support its specific theme.

HICKMAN and HUTCHINS Seeing Clearly  An OT and OD suggest 40 fun visual perceptive activities for children and adults to use at home, at work, in school and in the clinic.

KAPLAN Seeing Through New Eyes  The only book about vision therapy for children with autism, Asperger syndrome and other developmental delays by an optometrist who has worked with this population for many years.

KAVNER Your Child's Vision  The guide to understanding vision from a behavioral standpoint. Everything you need to know age by age about children's vision development.

LANE Developing Your Child for Success  A year's worth of activities to develop perceptual-motor, visual and cognitive skills. A must for OTs, educators and parents.


OEP Vision and Sensory Integration A multi-authored volume of articles highlighting new brain and rehabilitation research, sensory integration, vision correction in child development, the OT (Occupational Therapist) role and more. Over 30 pages of activities.

ORFIELD Eyes for Learning: Preventing and Curing Vision-Related Learning Problems Explains how parents and teachers can spot a vision-related learning problem and how to treat it. Dr. Orfield provides answers about referrals, required vision tests, and vision-improvement techniques.


ZELINSKY Open Your Eyes and Listen  A parent and teacher's guide to visual processing written by an optometrist. Explains central and peripheral vision, the importance of neck muscles and the relationship between them.


COMPART and LAAKE The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook  The best recipes and guide to the gluten-free, milk-free diet. What it is. why it works, and how to do it.

GATES The Body Ecology Diet - 9th Edition  Want to restore and maintain the important "inner ecology" of your gut, and at the same time prepare quick, delicious, nutritionally dense foods for your family? Try the BED!

SEROUSSI and LEWIS The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions The new joint effort of two veterans of special diets. Includes definitions of terms as well as recipes.

School and Academics

COHEN and GOLDSMITH Hands On: Brain Gym in the Classroom  A practical manual providing teachers, parents and therapists with step-by-step ideas to support reading, handwriting, spelling and mathematical skills.

DENNISON Brain Gym Teacher's Edition  THE guide of exercises and explanation to increase learning through movement and educational kinesiology.

FURTH and WACHS Thinking Goes to School  Hundreds of games and activities for parents and educators to develop academic readiness and enhance visual thinking through play.


KALMAN: (All of these teach unique, simple solutions devised by a school psychologist and therapist.)

RICHARDS and REMICK Classroom Visual Activities  A manual of practical visual activities providing educators with tools to help children improve the critical vision skills needed for learning.

WILSON: Activities to bridge OT techniques with the classroom to improve motor planning, timing, posture and sensory-motor processing. Includes 10 18" by 20" posters, a DVD and a booklet.


KIRBY Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic  The true story of mercury in vaccines and the autism epidemic. An impeccable investigative report by an award-winning author. Like reading a mystery novel.

ROMM Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide  A fantastic resource for anyone concerned about childhood vaccinations. Includes vaccination schedules and alternatives, school requirements, immunity and optimal health. A must for every new parent.

Autism Recovery Stories

EDELSON and RIMLAND Recovering Autistic Children  Personal stories of families who are recovering their children with autism spectrum disorders using the Defeat Autism Now model.


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